Why do I feel like I’m in a dream?

This morning, as on many occasions I felt rather odd. My drive to work felt like a journey through a Salvador Dali painting. Every scene I passed seemed a little surreal and the connection between my mind, body and it’s surrounding didn’t feel all too solid. Whilst I would love to put this down lack of sleep, too many beverages of a refreshing adult nature the night before or some illicit hilucinogen… No such luck. So what causes this weirdness? I have a theory…

I believe many people are suffering from what I call “Cave Man Blues”. I’m no scientist, I’m not going to bother coming up with a proper name like “modern dissasociative disorder”… Although that does fit and sounds pretty good actually… Nah, it’s the cave man blues. So what is it?

The cave man blues is our mind starting to unravel under the stress of modernity. Evolution is a slow process, very slow. It takes tens of thousands of years for significant changes to take place to our bodies and brains. However our society, economics and technology have changed almost unrecognisably in just the last couple of thousand. This process is speeding up exponentially and in the last 100 years especially, it’s been mental. The tipping point has been the digital age. Since the 90’s, the whole world has been connected. Since to 00’s this connection has been constant. Our brains are simply not used to processing this much information on a constant basis. Our brain expects us to wake up, kill and eat something, maybe get lucky, then go to sleep. Things are much more complicated than this now.

Our brains are more than capable of processing what this world can throw at them given enough time, but our biology requires more time to adapt to change. That’s why we’re loosing it. Well that’s what I reckon anyway. Let me know what you think.



What’s it all about?

Hello, I’m guessing you found your way here via googling a rather vague and disillusioned question… What is the meaning of life? Why am I here? Why do I feel so disconnected from reality? So on and so forth… That brings me strait on to the reasoning behind this blog.

This is an excersice in modern philosophy. An attempt to explain the quirks and foibles of the human condition using logic, science and good old common sense. It is not an education, a lecture or a guide. I’m not a doctor, a teacher or scientist. I’m just a man. I want you to come with me on a journey, to think with me and to explore as I do. I’m going into this as blind and baffled as you who have asked the question, but together we may find the answer. Or not, but it never hurts to excersice the old grey matter occasionally.

I shall post musings here regularly as they come to me. Some may well be the consequence of alcohol, as is often the case with anyone suffering from an existential crisis. If so I apologise in advance for the inevitable errors in spelling and grammar. I shall also cover the bigger topics and questions, which may well crop up repeatedly upon further thought.

I shall endeavour to keep this as classy as possible, however I’m quite prone to comedic whimsy so forgive me if I lower the tone occasionally with an ill placed fart joke or bout of ironic street talk, ya get me?

I shall leave the introduction there for now. Let the thinking commence.